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Input List:

1. Kick Drum
2. Snare (Do not gate! Uses Brushes)
3. Hi-Hat
4. Rack Tom
5. Floor Tom
6. Overhead L
7. Overhead R
8. Upright Bass (D.I.)
9. Pedal Steel
10. Guitar Amp
11. Keyboard D.I.
12. Saxophone
13. Clarinet, Harmonica
14. Center Vocal (Meridith)
15. Stage Left Vocal (Mikel)
16. Stage Rear Right Backing Vocal (Jeff, Bass)
17. Drums Backing Vocal (David)

Stage Power:

1 Quad A.C. drop behind Bassist
1 Quad A.C. drop behind Guitarist, 1 Quad A.C. drop at his feet.
1 Quad A.C. drop at Keyboardist’s feet.


In a small venue, omit hi-hat and overhead mics first. Rack Tom second, Floor Tom last.
If limited to 16 channels, omit drum vocal first.
If 5 monitor mixes cannot be provided, omit bass mix first. He will share with drums.
Keyboardist’s volumes are very dynamic, allow room for swells.

Monitor Suggestions:

(in order of loudest first)
Keyboardist Position: Keyboards, Clarinet, Sax.
Center Vocal Position: Mostly her own vocals, light amount of SL vocals.
Guitarist Position: Own Vocal (SL), Guitar, Light Center Vocal, Upright, Keyboards.
Bass Position: Kick, Snare, Upright, Vox, Guitar.
Drummer’s Position: Kick, Sax, Upright, Guitar, Vox.

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