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Input List:

1. Kick Drum
2. Snare (Do not gate! Uses Brushes)
3. Hi-Hat
4. Rack Tom
5. Floor Tom
6. Overhead L
7. Overhead R
8. Upright Bass (D.I.)
9. Guitar Amp
10. Keyboard D.I. L
11. Keyboard D.I. R
12. Saxophone
13. Keys Vocal (Shea -also uses for Harmonica)
14. Center Vocal (Meridith)
15. Stage Left Vocal (Mikel)
16. Drums Backing Vocal

Stage Power:

1 Quad A.C. drop behind Bassist
1 Quad A.C. drop behind Guitarist, 1 Quad A.C. drop at his feet.
1 Quad A.C. drop at Keyboardist’s feet.


In a small venue, omit hi-hat and overhead mics first. Rack Tom second, Floor Tom last.

If 5 monitor mixes cannot be provided, omit bass mix first. He will share with drums.
Keyboardist’s volumes are very dynamic, allow room for swells.

Monitor Suggestions:

(in order of loudest first)
Keyboardist Position: Keyboards, Clarinet, Sax.
Center Vocal Position: Mostly her own vocals, light amount of SL vocals.
Guitarist Position: Own Vocal (SL), Guitar, Light Center Vocal, Upright, Keyboards.
Bass Position: Kick, Snare, Upright, Vox, Guitar.
Drummer’s Position: Kick, Sax, Upright, Guitar, Vox.

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