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Mikel Lander has been playing in bars around Arizona since he was a skinny, long haired 17 year old. He has been a part of local projects Now you’re cookin’ with gas, The American Remains, Horchata, and Chocolate Fountain, and has backed up such local greats as Scotty Spenner and Paris James. Mikel has always remained firmly rooted in acoustic music in his live performance as well as his writing,
Whether acoustic or electric, Lander runs the gamut of blues and American music styling. It is easy to hear songwriting influences from the mountains to the swamps, and from the church house to the train yards. He brings his own flavor to the table, drawing from his life experiences to write honest, thought provoking songs: some acoustic and pretty, and some whiskey soaked electric stomps.
In 2006, Mikel and Meridith Moore met and began writing and performing together almost immediately. They formed The Mikel Lander and Meridith Moore Band, which grew into what is now The Sugar Thieves. While all members collaborate on song development and writing, Mikel is the chief creative force for writing, meat shaking, and over all dirty pounding.

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