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Jeff Naylor is a true juggernaut on the bass and seems to operate on frequencies and that other bass players can’t register, which tickle his audiences in the right place to get their legs a-kicking like a Lab puppy. If there were one man on Earth who was ever capable of single-handedly destroying the entire planet through his insane harmonic discoveries, it’s Jeff Naylor. Treading the line between science and music, Jeff studied music and engineering at Northern Arizona University. As a recipient of a full tuition waiver for jazz performance, he studied both electric and acoustic bass under Joel DiBartolo from The Tonight Show. Since earning his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering, Jeff has been everything from a studio engineer for radio commercials to a diesel mechanic. He has developed intelligent power charging systems for wind turbines and toured with Brazilian funk band Delta Nove.

Jeff enjoys contributing to The Sugar Thieves Soulful mix of Blues and Americana adding haunting textures with his pedal steel and pulsating low end with his old acoustic bass. Jeff draws on legends such as James Jamerson, Paul Chambers and Jaco Pastorious for musical guidance. Check out a live show so you can witness firsthand the energy and emotion that Jeff puts into every note of every performance.

Jeff is also the proprietor of Arizona’s premier pro-audio repair and custom shop, M-Troniks.

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